Sunday, April 10, 2011

US Reps Markey, Edwards, Film and TV Producers Kilbourne and Goodman address National Media Reform Conference

by Sarah Cortes- Following Rep. Nancy Pelosi's address Friday, US Representatives Ed Markey, D-MA, and Rep. Donna Edwards, D-MD, were among last night's keynote speakers at the National Conference for Media Reform at the Seaport Hotel. Addressing an audience that included representatives of many public access TV stations including Cambridge Community TV, Markey and Edwards spoke of the importance of the Net Neutrality Bill. Net Neutrality refers to rules implemented recently by Michael Copps, Obama's Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Director, preventing internet service providers from blocking certain websites. Copps also spoke tonight, pointing out that net neutrality and universal access are key to freedom of speech and the press in a democracy.

Other speakers included Amy Goodman, Host of Democracy Now! and Dr. Jean Kilbourne, producer of the Killing us Softly series on Advertising's Images of Women and the public health issues relating to violence, depression and eating disorders those unhealthy images engender.

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